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One could call me a podcast whore…

At my old job, that I lost in March of 2010, I listened to podcasts all day long when I worked.  I was able to keep up with all the podcasts that I enjoyed.  Once I lost the job, I went into a bit of a depressive/lazy/unmotivated mode and dropped the podcast listening.

Well, the last few months I have gotten back into them.  I have so been enjoying catching up with what seems like old friends, and finding new friends too.  I have gotten ALL caught up, from Episode 1 through current, on both Stash and Burn and KIPing it Real.  I am working on Never Not Knitting and Knitmore Girls right now.  I am totally digging Alana (I am so sorry, I know I just thrashed the spelling of your name), and her expertise, and I love the banter back and forth between mom and daughter team on the Knitmore Girls podcast.  Stash and Burn was an old favorite, so it was really nice to get caught back up with Jenny and Nicole, and the next ones I work on will be She-Knits…I have always really enjoyed Sharon and her talking about her ginormous family and her successes with her knitting business through the past years.  I feel like some of these people are old friends, as creepy-stalkerish as that might sound, but I don’t think that I am the only one that feels like that.

But yes, I am a proud podcast whore.  I listen when I’m cleaning, when I am trying to go to sleep, while I’m surfing online…any time that I can.  And I found some more today.  They are gonna wait til I am caught up on my oldies but goodie.  I find that every podcast I have subscribed to fills a different niche that makes me enjoy it thoroughly.  If I am not feeling it, I just don’t listen.

Support our podcasters, they do work so hard and don’t get a red cent for us.  They are an integral part of knitting community and have brought many together that would not have done so had it not been for them sharing their lives with us week after week, year after year…

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