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Knitting like crazy!

Knitting and I have not been the best of friends lately.  I started the February Lady Sweater with Knitpick’s Cotlin, and got all the way through to the 2nd lace repeat before I noticed this stupid little mistake up near the buttonhole.  It probably wouldn’t have been a big deal, it wasn’t very noticeable, but I couldn’t go through with it.  While I was trying to hype myself for ripping the whole damn thing out, I had decided that the Cotlin at the gauge I was using just wasn’t working anyways.  I wanted a little bit more of a firm fabric for that sweater.

See, my problem has been lately that I have been DYING to do a lace project.  Not a little hat or fingerless mitts. A sweater.  A cardigan.  SOMETHING WEARABLE.  Something I have yet to do.  So off to search.  I only have 2 yarns I have a sweater’s worth for, and they are both cotlin, just in different colors.  So I was really limited on what project I could pick that would work for my lack of skills and my yarn.  But it had to have lace.  That was the big thing.  So I decided on Hey Teach.  I am now almost up to the arm decreases for the back panel.  No problems, it’s turning out beautifully, and is making me fall in love with the process of knitting all over again.  I have done no lace but a little beanie and a scarf for my mom…knitting repeats of lace and being able to look at the yarn just turn into…lace.  It’s amazing to me.  I keep stopping just to admire how pretty it looks.  I love the product, but I really have come to realize that I am a process knitter.  Why it does this, does that…and it’s all just a bunch of loops and loops getting pulled loops!  Truly impressive, knitting is.

OK, WIP pics tomorrow.  I’ll try to get outside during the light of day so I can show off my pretties.

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