Christmas Knitting

Change of plans.  I spent $130 *eek* today on Christmas gift yarn.

My list:

Mom – Branching Out using KnitPick’s Gossamer in the colorway Sweet Peas.

Dad – Fingerless Gloves and Hat (patterns to be determined) in KnitPick’s Telemark, colorway Charcoal Heather.

Brother -  modified Hawkeye pattern, making it look more like a beanie with a brim, using KnitPick’s Swish Superwash in Black, of course!

Then I went to,  and bought several cones of different colors, to make the Ballband Dishcloth and Ninepatch Dishcloth times 2039843247, for my other family that I am going to gift (extended family).  I also got 3 cones of a cream-colored Sugar and Cream to make Absorba from Mason Dixon Knitting.  (A side note.  I got the MD book for the Ballband Dishcloth, and when I was just searching for a link for it, I FOUND IT FOR FREE.  Bastards.  It’s ok though, I adore the book and see myself using it for many of the projects.)

So once my packages get here, I am going to be cracking out on Christmas knitting.  I am excited but am definitely going to have to kick my knitting up a notch to get it all done in time.  I figured I will always have a washcloth on the needles, and work on the other projects for Mom, Dad, and bro at the same time.  I have to get the washcloths for my extended family done early, because they are across the country and I would actually like to get them done and shipped off BEFORE Christmas!

That’s it for now.  Life (work, kiddo, other personal BS I’m dealing with) is really kicking my ass, but I will try to keep this updated!

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