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Washcloths, beanie, and scarf oh my!

Update on Christmas knitting. I completed not Branching Out for mom, but another more simple lace scarf. I figured it would be better to finish something that wouldn’t take me forever because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, as opposed to having to give her an IOU come Christmas because I have so much other knitting to do!

Mom’s Scarf:

Mom's Christmas PresentMade out of 1 skein of Joann’s Sensations Bellezza Collection Stellina Yarn. It was actually a pleasant yarn to knit with. It has a nice sheen to it because it has a shiny bit wound into the yarn. Pattern here.

Dad’s Beanie:

Dad's Beanie This is made out of the Telemark by Knitpick’s in Charcoal Heather. I have one of the fingerless mits done also, but am not going to post that until I’m done with both. This was done on US4’s, my own pattern. Just a simple ribbed brim beanie with basic decreasing. The top of said beanie, modelled once again by baby boy’s red monkey: Top view of beanie

And last but not least, a buttload of washcloths. And yes, that’s my technical term! I have more but have yet to dig them out from their hiding place, and I think I still have to weave their ends in. I am 4 rows away from completing another one that is white and rose. Like it a lot. I have yet to get tired of this pattern! It always keeps me occupied.


Now to go post all of these same pics at the Holiday KAL CAL!

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Well, I have been a horrid blogger.  Between divorce/child custody crap, work (inventory, audit, AND new system implementation all at the same time?  COME ON NOW!), and some other miscellaneous personal stuff, my life has been kicking my ass!  I have, of course, received all of my Christmas knitting yarn.  I have also been doing some birthday knitting.  I did join the Holiday KAL-CAL because I figured, why not!  Marly tempts me every one of her episodes to join, so I have to give into the temptation.  Especially since I’ve been busting my arse to get my Christmas knitting done!

So, where am I with the Christmas knitting?  I have completed one of dad’s fingerless gloves, and the matching beanie.  I have cast on for brother’s beanie with a brim and mom’s lace scarf.  I have completed 5 of the ballband dishcloths, and I knitted the Banana Republic knock-off for my mom.  I seriously modified the pattern for this though, because when I cast on and knit the first 6 or so rows, I tried it on and my noggin felt like it was in a vice grip!  So I recast on what I calculated would fit my head, and just knit til I thought I should start decreasing.  I was doing decreasing every 10 stitches on a 130-stitch hat, and it was just a little too short on mom for my tastes.  She thought it was fine, but I really don’t feel comfortable giving anyone something that I’m not completely happy with.  So I ripped back to right before the decreases, and am going to do an every 5 stitch decrease to make the top not so squared and to fit her head just a little bit better.  She also went with me to pick out the button to use on the little button flap.  Can’t wait to see it all done up!

I am at work posting right now, but when I get home (if I can get my wretched camera working!) I will take and post some pics.

Seriously, right now, knitting, reading, and my kiddo are the ONLY things keeping me sane.  Knitting, mainly, because sometimes the kiddo makes me insane too! lol  It calms me more than any meditation I have tried, and something that is actually productive comes out of it!

Speaking of reading, a new coworker got me reading the series that is based on the goings-on of a fictional yarn shop.  I have cracked out on the first one, am about halfway through it.  It is called The Shop on Blossom Street, written by Debbie Macomber.  Great reading so far.

I have taught one gal here at work to knit, and there are another two that want me to teach them this winter.  I am excited to share my love of knitting, as I got my mom knitting, and this one gal at work.  My enthusiasm is what sparks their interest, I think.  That and I am always showing progress on all of my knitting projects.  I love the feedback I get from them, because I can see that they can appreciate the work that goes into every piece I create with my hands.

OK, I’ve blathered enough.  Time to get my knit on!

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Christmas Knitting

Change of plans.  I spent $130 *eek* today on Christmas gift yarn.

My list:

Mom – Branching Out using KnitPick’s Gossamer in the colorway Sweet Peas.

Dad – Fingerless Gloves and Hat (patterns to be determined) in KnitPick’s Telemark, colorway Charcoal Heather.

Brother -  modified Hawkeye pattern, making it look more like a beanie with a brim, using KnitPick’s Swish Superwash in Black, of course!

Then I went to,  and bought several cones of different colors, to make the Ballband Dishcloth and Ninepatch Dishcloth times 2039843247, for my other family that I am going to gift (extended family).  I also got 3 cones of a cream-colored Sugar and Cream to make Absorba from Mason Dixon Knitting.  (A side note.  I got the MD book for the Ballband Dishcloth, and when I was just searching for a link for it, I FOUND IT FOR FREE.  Bastards.  It’s ok though, I adore the book and see myself using it for many of the projects.)

So once my packages get here, I am going to be cracking out on Christmas knitting.  I am excited but am definitely going to have to kick my knitting up a notch to get it all done in time.  I figured I will always have a washcloth on the needles, and work on the other projects for Mom, Dad, and bro at the same time.  I have to get the washcloths for my extended family done early, because they are across the country and I would actually like to get them done and shipped off BEFORE Christmas!

That’s it for now.  Life (work, kiddo, other personal BS I’m dealing with) is really kicking my ass, but I will try to keep this updated!

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Washcloth and Christmas knitting beginneth!

Well, I not only finished the one I had started on last week, but I have another one done, and another one on the needles. I have decided I am going to make these for Christmas gifts. They are fast, easy, and completely affordable for a broke girl like me. The one I have on the needles right now is Peaches and Cream Peppermint, red and white variegated (what else)? I wanted to try one with just one color/colorway to see how that looked too.

Anyways, this weekend mom is going to come over and help me dye yarn for her Christmas present. She doesn’t know that’s what we are dyeing it for, but shhh, she doesn’t need to know that. I am taking this yarn, measuring it out, and using some grape kool-aid to dye it a sort of muted, dark purple. She isn’t much of a beige chick, and she likes purple a lot. I am going to knit her Branching Out. I will be starting on that as soon as I get it dyed, washed, dried, and reskeined. I got that HUGE cone of yarn for $3.99 at a thrift store. So this gift is going to literally cost me pennies to make! Yay!

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Mason Dixon Ballband Dishcloth

This is a super quick knit! I started it this morning and am already half-way done. That says a lot for me, world’s slowest knitter. I got some of this random cotton yarn from my mom. It’s really splitty but I wanted to use it for a dishcloth, and thought it was a good time to try this pattern out!

The pattern calls for size 7’s, but I had 8’s readily available so I used them instead. I should have used 7’s, because it’s too loose. It’s still fully functional, though, so I will keep on keeping on. I have 2 more skeins of this yarn, so I will try again with 7’s and compare.

I have knitting A.D.D. right now. I didn’t get any done on JD’s sweater, and I tore out the very little bit of Rusted Root that I had started. I want to finish the sweater and the capelet before I cast on any other big projects. I finished my iPod cozy but the cast off was horrible, so I am trying a couple of things before I post pics of it.

That’s about all for now!

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