I DID have the best of intentions, you know.

It is so hard to blog, for me.  I have notes and pictures and things I want to blog, and feel extremely satisfied that I am getting information out there, more for my reference than anything, but I like that I have a web presence.

But, to actually sit down and type out an entry?  Seems like it happens once in a blue moon.

I was at Jimmy Beans Wool last week.  Dannette is the lovely gal that helped me out, and boy did she help me.  I think she has enabled me to become obsessed about Lorna’s Laces the way she is!  I hope she posts in Ravelry her finished sock that she talked to me about that she is doing in the Ember colorway.  That yarn was so pretty and I really will want to get my hands on some of that pretty soon.

Right now I am trying to finish up mom’s ankle socks.  Meanwhile. I started 3 new FO’s this week.  I cast on for Rusted Root, a pair of socks for Johnathan, and the Cabled Newsboy Cap from Stitch N Bitch Nation.  The cap is almost done.  I just have to work on the decreases and the brim.  The socks just got cast on yesterday and I am half-way done with the first sock.  I got about 15 rows of Rusted Root done, and I think I am going to have to rip the entire thing.  It is probably better that way, though, because I should be working on Granite, I am really trying to embrace the Project Spectrum mindset.  The cable cap is red, Granite will be red – I have a sweater vest for my poor kiddo that is almost done that is orange and red.  Ahem, perfect time to get that done, Jaimie-girl!  I have several other projects that I would like to work on in the next month.

Man is Project Spectrum AMAZING.  I can’t believe how inspiring it has been to me.  I just wish I could call in sick for a week and stay home KNITTING.  Love love love this idea, and I am thankful that I am able to be a part of it.

Pictures to come soon.  Of all of it.

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