Granite FTW!

Thanks to the And She Knits, Too! blog, I was introduced to the eye candy also known as Granite. I WANT THIS, I NEED TO HAVE THIS. I am so freakin poor right now though, I am going to probably do this in a cotton blend that I can wear into spring and early summer. I love, love, love this.

Isn’t it beautiful? I liked a lot of the other designs in this issue of Rowan too, more on that once I actually get the book. I can’t figure out what color I want to do it in, though. I am thinking something that I can wear with brown and black. Maybe a red? Terra Cotta? Maybe something more subdued like a medium gray. I can’t decide. I’ll look at my options and figure it out. I think this is a cute little knit that can be as sexy or understated as you want it to be, depending on what you where underneath it. LOVE! (and damn you, bloggers that enable me!)

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