Ooooh Shknit!

So, I had planned on doing a post introducing myself, talking about my knitting history, etc. But I can’t.

I know everyone and their dog has been talking about Ravelry, but I have FINALLY gotten to experience it first hand. They added a new feature for those who have signed up for beta but have not received their invites to see where they were on the list. Well, turns out I received my original invite on MAY 23rd, and I have been dying in anticipation while I could have been Ravelrying! This place is truly amazing. Casey and Jessica are to be worshipped for coming up with this concept. Truly! And just when I thought knitting couldn’t get any more crackish.

So, quick welcome to my blog. This is attempt #2, as I accidentally cracked out and deleted my old blog’s database. So here we are, trying it out again!

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