My 2 favorite things ever…rolled into one!

I don’t know who here peruses Colour Lovers, but I love that place. I am a budding, self-taught web designer, and I love colors. Well, they have a special blog entry just for SOCK KNITTERS and the color schemes that stem from said socks. *drool* I actually tried using the Opal Colourway to revamp my MySpace Layout, but I don’t like how it looks, so I’ll have to be redoing that (I’ll screenshot it before I change it).

In other news, I am working on a little iPod sock from some wool that I dyed in limes and aquas. The dying was a little experiment, so I don’t have a whole lot of it, and since I wanted yet something else to pad my poor little abused iPod, iPod sock it is! I hope to at least get the back of Johnathan’s vest completed. I only have about 10 more rows, then I have to weave in the loose bits and stitch the front and back together, and add ribbing to the collar and armholes. I would like to say I have worked on mom’s socks, or Rusted Root, but I haven’t been doing much knitting. My usual knitting time is spent perusing Ravelry, it’s completely like crack and something the online knitting community has really been in need of. I am glad it’s around.

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