I just finished my first sock. It’s for mom, and I think I am going to have a hard time giving them up. The colors are TOTALLY not me, and totally mom, but I LOVE the fit! Now I know what the obsession with socks is about! So I’m working on the 2nd sock, and then I’m gonna make some for JD, then some for me. LOVE LOVE!!! I have enough sock yarn to make about 5-6 pairs of socks…so I am definitely on the lookout for some more good deals. I heart thrift stores! With JimmyBeansWool right down the street from me, it’s oh-so-tempting to just go in there and buy some of the beautiful yarn I have never worked with but hear about in blogland on a daily basis. For right now I will just have to stick to being thrifty!

So, here are the pics. Just a couple of them taken outside, taking advantage of the BEEEEEE-utiful weather we are having today.

Made with Lion Brand Magic Stripes in the crackhead colorway. Seriously? It’s the Jelly Bean colorway. I used size 3 needles and the Sensational Knitted Socks book that I completely adore. I wanted something reeeaaally simple, so I did the garter stitch rib pattern.

I have not gotten grafting the toe down, even though I tore it out and redid it on this sock about 7 times. It definitely is way better than the original try though. I figure it’s one of those practice-makes-perfect things. I was very proud of how the heel turned out, though. Perfect size, perfect fit, no huge gaps like my last attempt at socks that met the frogpond. I hadn’t yet weaved in the ends, just stuck them in the sock…that’s the funny little loopy on the side view on the ankle of the sock. I was so proud I just tried it on, grabbed the camera, and hopped outside to take a pic!

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