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Well, I have been a horrid blogger.  Between divorce/child custody crap, work (inventory, audit, AND new system implementation all at the same time?  COME ON NOW!), and some other miscellaneous personal stuff, my life has been kicking my ass!  I have, of course, received all of my Christmas knitting yarn.  I have also been doing some birthday knitting.  I did join the Holiday KAL-CAL because I figured, why not!  Marly tempts me every one of her episodes to join, so I have to give into the temptation.  Especially since I’ve been busting my arse to get my Christmas knitting done!

So, where am I with the Christmas knitting?  I have completed one of dad’s fingerless gloves, and the matching beanie.  I have cast on for brother’s beanie with a brim and mom’s lace scarf.  I have completed 5 of the ballband dishcloths, and I knitted the Banana Republic knock-off for my mom.  I seriously modified the pattern for this though, because when I cast on and knit the first 6 or so rows, I tried it on and my noggin felt like it was in a vice grip!  So I recast on what I calculated would fit my head, and just knit til I thought I should start decreasing.  I was doing decreasing every 10 stitches on a 130-stitch hat, and it was just a little too short on mom for my tastes.  She thought it was fine, but I really don’t feel comfortable giving anyone something that I’m not completely happy with.  So I ripped back to right before the decreases, and am going to do an every 5 stitch decrease to make the top not so squared and to fit her head just a little bit better.  She also went with me to pick out the button to use on the little button flap.  Can’t wait to see it all done up!

I am at work posting right now, but when I get home (if I can get my wretched camera working!) I will take and post some pics.

Seriously, right now, knitting, reading, and my kiddo are the ONLY things keeping me sane.  Knitting, mainly, because sometimes the kiddo makes me insane too! lol  It calms me more than any meditation I have tried, and something that is actually productive comes out of it!

Speaking of reading, a new coworker got me reading the series that is based on the goings-on of a fictional yarn shop.  I have cracked out on the first one, am about halfway through it.  It is called The Shop on Blossom Street, written by Debbie Macomber.  Great reading so far.

I have taught one gal here at work to knit, and there are another two that want me to teach them this winter.  I am excited to share my love of knitting, as I got my mom knitting, and this one gal at work.  My enthusiasm is what sparks their interest, I think.  That and I am always showing progress on all of my knitting projects.  I love the feedback I get from them, because I can see that they can appreciate the work that goes into every piece I create with my hands.

OK, I’ve blathered enough.  Time to get my knit on!

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