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Indecisiveness, much?

I am trying to organize this blog. Categories, tags, etc…making my head spin. I just want to get it figured out because as this blog is around for longer, and more active, the harder it is going to be reorganize. I am planning on doing some research on blogging and how best to organize it. I am a research freak. I like learning and like understanding things, although I do admit to flying by the seat of my pants. I do, on the other hand, realize when I am over my head and will look into things. I did change the layout. Next time the layout changes, it is going to be my own design. I really want to get all the administrative things sorted out before I get the creative part figured out. No point in making it pretty if it doesn’t work right!
I DO have an FO. 2 in 2 months…it’s amazing. I have really tried to knitting more. I have started and ripped several projects, I just feel like a deflated balloon. I got some great knitting mojo, I felt like, and then it seems like everything I tried doing was just bad juju all over the place…a train wreck, really.
I am going over to the folks this weekend with the kiddo, though, and am going to have mom help me measure myself. I have a few sweater’s worth of yarn on it’s way, and I plan on using Big Girl Knits to make my first sweater fit me. I realize that it is a process, and there is lots of learning, but I really feel that I have a good foundation to knit a good sweater for myself with this book. I am looking forward to it.
FO post tomorrow, my mom’s camera is way better than mine so I am going to use her camera tomorrow. All I have to say is that I loooooove it!!

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All sorted and dusted

As a lovely British man I know would say.

I have finally gotten my blog to the place I have wanted it to be.  All the grunt work done, so I can just post away.  I am looking forward to getting moving on this a little more.  More than anything else this is the way I am going to document my projects, since writing them down in a notebook works really…well, not well at all.  Besides, notebooks get lost.  And the search function on them isn’t quite what wordpress provides.

I am working in my head (that scary, scary place) on doing a Friday Favorites that will showcase anything I have seen during the week that I think is fabulous and should be shared.  Should anyone happen to read this and have some ideas for this coming Friday’s Favorites posting, please, do let me know!

I know this blog gets little to no traffic, and I would like that to change just a little bit.  I don’t want hundreds of readers, but a couple here and there that remember to stop by once a week or something…I’d be a happy camper with that.


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