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Indecisiveness is killing me!

I have  sweaters worth of Cotton Fleece that I can use.  I have some other various yarns that could make me a vest or short sleeve pullover or cardy or something.  I am going to have surgery and will be off my feet for a couple weeks at least and I want to bring this knitting with me to the hospital and get going on something substantial since I will have the TIME.  I have spent about 6 hours total going through Ravelry, flip flopping back and forth, trying to decide if the Cotton Fleece is going to work for this sweater, or that sweater (my main concern is it stretching and pulling because of the cotton in it…it’s weight is it’s own enemy).  There are so many beautiful patterns out there, I just can’t decide.  I have (I think) narrowed it down to:



Sundrop Cropped Cardigan (a non-cropped version)

This version of the Tree Jacket (which I happen to have that same yarn, colorway for)

Primrose Path (love the assymetrical goodness in this, I just don’t know if I have a good yarn for it)

Olivette (if I could figure out how to knit this in worsted it would probably be my pick)





Dunedin Vest (love, LOVE, LOVE this – I am not sure I have the rght kind of yarn in my stash though)


Vine Lace Vest

Damned Twist Collective does not make my choices either.  They have so many pretty designs and it took me forever just to decide on the few that I did from there.  Then you have the IDP’s from KnitPicks, and the patterns from Webs…grrr.  It’s different when I am at home and can just dig through my books, mags, and yarn…but I think the reason I am SO indecisive is because what I bring I have to work on, or not knit at all, which will drive me nutty.  Granted it would probably be 2-3 days tops I’m there, but I knit every day.  I’m not much of a TV watcher and I think watching judge shows all day would make me crazy!

Right now Olivette and Sundrop Cardigan are at the top of my list, with Sundrop winning because I have SEVERAL yarns I know I have enough of to knit it.  Who knows.  In 2 minutes I might change my mind, so I will just stop now.

My brother’s friend that got the Vogue gloves received them today and LOVES them.  What a relief.  She actually lives in Central California, but is leaving tomorrow on vacation to New York (which I didn’t even know about!) and so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

That’s about it, really.  I have been listening to podcasts like crazy and just trying to stay off my feet.  I have a pair of socks I am working on but I haven’t knitted on them in 2 days because I haven’t been feeling so hot.  I will probably work on them some tonight (just a plain 2×2 rib, on the heel flap of sock #1) and probably get at least the first sock done before I go in the hospital.

That’s about it.  I babbled about all the sweaters I want to knit yesterday, I feel like that is all this post is about.  It’s all the knitting I have been doing the last couple days though!  Drooling in indecisiveness!

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I swear, I have knitting ADD

I have started three sweaters/cardigans in the last few months.  THREE.  And they are all sitting there unfinished, with no plans on finishing.  So today I am going to face reality and rip them all out.

With the lack of time I have for knitting, I really have been sticking with smaller projects.  I made my mother a pair of armwarmers.  I am working on the 2nd of my sons armwarmers and should be done with them today.  And I have been knitting little mittens for my mother’s little Christmas tree like CRAZY with bits of sock yarn, and crochet cotton.  They are so easy and cute.

These are the Cafe au Lait armwarmers from Ravelry.  Great pattern, quick knit, and the FO was definitely appreciated by the recipient.

There will be no more baby knitting.  I just don’t have it in me to do it.  I am am looking for a good sweater pattern to make one for my son…all the patterns that I like seem to use size 4-ish needles and I need something more like 7 or 8 US needles for the yarn I have in mind.

I have been spending more time lately reading knitting blogs and looking at patterns on Ravelry and listening to knitting podcasts.  Usually between those 3 things I get super-inspired, but it just isn’t happening these days.

I just checked out the new Twist Collective and I am in LOVE.  There are several sweaters I want to make.  I am going to wait until the baby is born and I get rid of some of this weight.  Not only do I just not want to knit ginormous sweaters, but the yarn can go a lot further if I just wait a bit and knit when I’m smaller.  So not only health-wise is the whole losing weight thing a positive, but also it’s a bit easier on the pocketbook.

I have just been so restless and frustrated lately with everything I seem to touch.  So smaller projects that it doesn’t matter if they get ripped, if any projects at all.  Hopefully this will pass when my life is a little less hectic.  I know this is all in my head but I can’t seem to get rid of it.  Time will hopefully help.

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She’s back…dun dun dun!!!!!!

I can’t believe that it has been 6 months since I have posted to this blog.  I completely suck.  I am not working, having to stay off my feet a lot more these days, so it’s perfect timing, right?

So what is new?  Nobody reads, and nobody knows me, but I will never get anywhere if I don’t start somewhere, right?

For starters, I am 19 weeks pregnant.  I just found out yesterday that I am having a boy.  I thought for SURE I would be having a girl…I have been planning all these cute knitted dresses and sweaters.  Well, let’s hope friends start having some girls so I can get THAT out of my system! lol

But there are still plenty of cute things to knit.  I have made some baby hats, a pair of socks, and am working on a little shell and a baby blanket.  Now that I know the sex of the wee one, I can really start moving on the baby knits!

In other news my BABY starts kindergarten this year.  Next week to be exact.  I can’t believe it.  I remember when he started walking at 9 months I jokingly said ‘Next thing you know he’ll be starting Kindergarten!’…well, it is next thing I know and he IS starting.  I can’t believe it.  The days will be quiet without him here.  Easier too though, because I really have had a rough time lately with this pregnancy.  Me not having to chase after a 5 year old and run around outside with him will really do me worlds of good I do think.

I am going to get pics taken of all of my FO’s from the last few months and get all the info together for them.  I really should use Ravelry’s project thingy a little more faithfully, would make my life a lot easier.  I will be posting very soon with those, and keep this blog going.  I really love doing it, it’s just a matter of sitting down and typing the posts out!

Til next time, take care!

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Holy crapoly.

Looks like Ravelry finally is out of beta and ready to rock and roll as a visibly real, live site!  I think it’s been amazing forever, but I am glad that they are done with the website until they decide to do something equally amazing to switch it up whenever that may happen.


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Yes I’m back, back again.

So Project Spectrum just ain’t happening for me this year.  I have all the right colors and all, but I am finding that these days small projects that don’t destract me from the bright and shiny of life are much better for me.  So I’ve been working on an afghan using 200 Knitted Blocks, and that seems to be going really well.  I joined a group in Ravelry where you have to knit a square a month for 12 months.  Well, these squares were coming out small enough that the cat would scoff at a 12 square blankie of those proportions.  So I have decided to knit 4 a month, which really goes so quickly.  I am kind of in the planning stages now as I begin to knit the squares, but I think it is going to tur out beautifully.

Teeny tiny projects that take little time.  I am DYING to knit some socks but am just not in that mode right now, and I know I would end up with 5 or 6 single socks and no happy mate.

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Ravelry Recently Added Patterns

I love Ravelry.  Every week I go in and check out the new patterns that were just added to the pattern directory.  There are so many amazing patterns and designers out there.

These are my favorites:

Chevron Scarf Pattern – This is a variation of a pretty common pattern, but I am REALLY digging the colors she used.  I was actually thinking of a more narrow one using some royal blue, lime green, black, and white LB Microspun that I have hanging out in my stash.  A nice year-round scarf.

Golden Rose Sundress – I would love to buy this pattern when I have a little bit of extra moolah.  I don’t really have any little girls to knit for right now, but it is SO cute.  I could see it in a pretty light blue, adding a little pocket on the left front with a little darker blue star double-knitted on it.  Super cute!

Running with Scissors Socks – Um.  HOLY CRAP.  How talented is Phyll Lagerman?   Here is a close-up of the scissor cable.  I adore this pattern.  Once I delve a little deeper into the joys of sock knitting, I am going to make these for my mom.  WOWSA!  She is working on trying to get the pattern up on Ravelry, and wants to start blogging.  For now all we have is pictures to drool over.

Many, many pretty blocks. These are washcloths, but this is really an inspiration to get moving on mom and dad’s anniversary afghan that I wanted to make for them.  I have a book that I bought to assist me.  Between that book and this sites tons of patterns, I have no reason not to make a gorgeous afghan for my folks!

Bekah Knits has designed THE cutest baby sock/shoe combos EVAR!  I can’t believe how darling and perfect these are.  I definitely, as soon as I know someone who decides to breed, am going to make me some of these.  Agh, the cuteness is killing me.

Never have snails and slugs looked so freakin cute.  I have a friend who I jokingly refer to her cubicle at work a nursery because of all of the plants.  I am thinking of knitting her some of these and just randomly putting them in her plants to see how long it takes her to notice them.  She’d get a kick out of that.

And last but not least, showing that awesome things can come in small packages, this little leaf sachet.  How cute is that?  I would love to make my mom a lavender-colored set with lavender in them.  This little guy was beautifully done.   The link is a PDF, so you have been warned.

Oh, and there is one more.  Rather a collection of them.  The new issue of Knitty is just out, and wowee.  They really did great this time.  There are just a couple things I’m NOT a huge fan of.  Usually it’s the other way around.  Nothing at all against Knitty, I think it’s faboo…just personal preference.

Right now I am working on the Frock Camisole from the latest Interweave Knits.  I am using Twize in Twed, a 100% bamboo yarn that is so soft and lovely.  And it’s red and pink, of course, making me step out of my happy neutral and blue/green comfort zone, thanks to Project Spectrum.  Pictures coming soon.

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